MAC Home

Temporary shelter for those in need.

Merrill Community Homeless Center, Inc.

Success Stories:


Richard is a 57 year old a man, who due to moderate health issues was on limited income. Prior to coming to MAC Home Richard was unable to obtain affordable permanent housing and was currently residing at a hotel with the assistance of other agencies.

When MAC Home opened Richard was the first guest in the transitional living area. Having a clean, safe, and friendly place to stay every night allowed Richard to focus his energy on bettering his health and finding affordable housing.

Our staff was here to help Richard navigate the application process with The Housing Authority but we also were able to provide Richard with the support that he needed during this traumatic time. MAC Home helped Richard to arrange transportation, network with other agencies to secure funding for first month’s rent, obtain furniture and clothing, and help with social security.

After five weeks of staying at MAC Home Richard was able to obtain affordable permanent stable housing and is currently living independently which is something that he had not done for many years.

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