MAC Home

Temporary shelter for those in need.

Merrill Community Homeless Center, Inc.

Thank You

With our limited budget there is an ongoing need for supplies to keep the MAC Home running.

Please contact us to arrange a time to make your donations. Due to the confidentiality of our clients we can not have people stopping by unexpectedly. Please e-mail or call if you would like to drop off a donation.

Breaman Mission Accomplished
Mission Accomplished!!! For the month of December Breaman Merrill Ford teamed up with MAC Home to double all donations up to $15,000. This community came together and donated over $15,000!! Breaman Merrill Ford presented MAC Home with a check for $15,000 on December 31, 2019. Thank you to Joe and Dave Breaman and the people at Breaman Merrill Ford! And thank you to this community for answering the Breaman challenge and making this possible!!
Connexus Credit Union
Connexus Credit Union made a donation of $15,000 through their ConnexusCares Program to MAC Home. Pictured left to right: Mike Ravn, Craig Stancher, Bailey Schepp, Theresa Anthoney, Dee Olsen, Dave Breaman, and Boyd Gustke.
Jim Finucan
Local author Jim Finucan donated $1000.00 to the Mac Home, the homeless shelter in Merrill. The funds come from the proceeds of his book sales of Wild Counselor; 1977- The Summer of the Hunt. The setting of Finucans book is in Merrill and is a memoir from the summer of his 11th year when he watched his father struggle with mental illness and homelessness in the wake of his attempted murder. Pictured are Theresa Anthony the Executive Director of the Mac Home and Finucan, both will be giving a presentation to the public at the T.B. Scott Library on January 12th at 1:30 PM. This event is designed to increase the awareness of the issue of homelessness and is free of charge. Wild Counselor books will be available for a discounted rate.
Merrill Enrichment Center
The Knights of Columbus donated to the Mac Home of Merrill, taking advantage of the generous offer of Breaman Merrill Ford to match donations through the month of December. Pictured left to right, Jim Finucan Trustee of the Knights of Columbus, Theresa Anthoney Executive Director of the Mac Home, Pete Mueller Grand Knight, and Dave Breaman General Manager of Breaman Merrill Ford.
Merrill Ice Draggers
Thank you to The Merrill Ice Draggers for their generous donation!!!
Pine Crest Therapy Department
Thank you to Pine Crest Therapy Department for thinking about MAC Home during the holiday season!!!
Our Way
Our Way collected supplies for MAC Home during their annual Holiday Celebration.
Pine River Pepper 4H Club
Pine River Pepper 4H Club held a donation drive for MAC Home and collected all these supplies!!
 Jolita Bri & Libby
Jolita Wesbrock, Bri Piepenbrok, and Libby Snyder brought in these much needed items for our shelter. Thank you!!!
Skaar Family
A donation from the Skaar Family.
Merrill Enrichment Center
A donation from the Merrill Enrichment Center.
FreMarq Innovations
A donation from FreMarq Innovations.
UMC of the Pines
UMC of the Pines
UMC of the Pines
UMC of the Pines
Donation Social Topics Study Group
Donation Rotary
A donation from the Rotary Club.
Donation Quilts
A donation of Quilts from the Enrichment Center.
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